NDT Procedure Writing


Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Procedure writing should always be approved and/ or written by an experienced ASNT Certified Level III with all the certifications required to get the procedure written correctly and in accordance with the scope of work being provided for the testing.

Certifications are met in all areas of NDT Procedures for:

  • RT-     Radiographic Testing
  • UT-     Ultrasonic Testing
  • PT-     Penetrant Testing
  • MT-     Magnetic Particle Testing
  • VT-     Visual Testing

Goolsby Testing, Inc. has ASNT Level III Certified Technicians who are certified in all of the methods listed above. They are hands-on with all methods and well versed in the way a job should be performed. GTI cautions clients to research their vendors as some N.D.E. vendors only understand the paperwork aspect of how these methods are supposed to be conducted.


These ASNT Level III technicians are also certified as ACCP Level III in RT, MT, PT; and as well as PED Level III certified in RT, UT, PT, MT, and VT.

  • Procedures will all be written in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A latest edition.
  • We can also do In-house Qualification Certification Procedures for your company are also available.


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