Radiographic Testing

RT or Radiographic Testing is commonly performed using X-Ray and/or Gamma-ray sources. Application of the source type and strength needed to perform a task is determined based on several different factors. The size, shape, thickness, and composite of components are all factors when selecting a source type. Goolsby Testing’s on hand source capabilities include Iridium (Ir-192), Selenium (Se-75), and Cobalt (Co-60). GTL houses all types of sources and stands ready to assist in a variety of weld inspections, from very versatile portable thinner weld inspection to very thick component testing.

Radiography advantages:

  • can be performed on a variety of material types

  • can be performed on varying density, and thicknesses

  • can be performed on assembled components

  • minimum set-up required

  • can detect thickness corrosion

  • can detect voids

  • can detect cracks

  • can detect material density

  • can detect surface and subsurface defects

  • and provides a permanent record of the inspection.

 Goolsby Testing’s (GTL) NDT service offers a full array of RT services. Our professional, experienced, certified Level II and Level III Radiographic Technicians provide efficient, accurate service without sacrificing quality or safety. Goolsby is an A2LA accredited ISO, PED, PCN, ACCP, API, and ASNT certified facility


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