Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing can be utilized in the detection of discontinuities. Through the use of, a Transducer ultrasonic waves are introduced and pass through materials in a straight or angled beam. In the event, that the beams are interrupted and reflected to the transducer, an interpretation of any indication can be detected and identified with amazing precision. Goolsby Testing utilizes three separate types of Ultrasonic Techniques. The types used are:

  1. Contact and/or Coupling. Coupling involves the removal of any empty space or air between a transducer and the material being tested.
    1. Contact testing, lubricating solution such as water, oil, or a gel is applied between the transducer and the specimen. This forces any air / empty space out of the space between the part and the Transducer creating a secure bond.
  2. Echo, Pulse, and/or through transmission.
    1. Understanding the same premise as shouting from a mountain top and receiving a reply. Pulse-echo testing functions similarly. A transducer is used to send out a pulse, then the same or use of a second transducer is utilized to receive returning energy. This method is extremely affective and can be deployed only a small portion of the material is accessible.
    2. Two transducers on opposing sides of a specimen is referred to as Through transmission. One acts as a transmitter & the other as a receiver. Through transmission is useful detecting discontinuities that are not good reflectors & when signal strength is weak.
  3. Normal and Angle Beam
    1. Normal beam testing uses a sound beam that is introduced at 90 degrees to the surface.
    2. Angle beam utilizes a beam that is introduced into the specimen at some angle other than 90 degrees.
    3. The choice between the two is made based on:
      1. The orientation of the feature of interest so that the sound may produce the largest reflection from the feature.
      2. Obstructions on the surface of the specimen that must be avoided


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