Penetrant Testing

Goolsby Testing Inc. prides itself in quality, efficiency, and utility. Our experienced Level II and Level III PT technicians stand ready to assist our customers with the best service available.  Our services expanse is Nationwide and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Accurate, Reliable, and Dependable PT inspection services


Goolsby Testing’s Penetrant Testing is respected throughout industries and offers cost-effective, reliable, and efficient detection of surface breaking discontinuities on relatively smooth, nonporous surfaces both in the field and laboratory environments. The utilization of our PT services is effective for quality control, maintenance, and many types of inspection. We specialize in Fluorescent and Visible service in the Fabrication, and Manufacturing industries.

Penetrant Testing Benefits:


  • Cost-effective compared to other NDT/NDE services
  • Execution and setup are efficient, effective, precise, and straightforward.
  • Indications are visible directly on the parts surface instantly
  • Can be performed on all shapes and sizes of parts effortlessly
  • Completely portable and available in many different types of environments.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“Awesome testing company. Very easy to get along with, and try to get your stuff done quick.”
Kyle Caesar


“Goolsby is an integral part of our team. We heavily rely on them for accurate testing of all of our welds and materials. Thank you for being there for us.”
Dan Spartan



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